what kind of leaders does Somaliland needs?


Hargeysa,(Baraarugnews.net)-“Somaliland is a country that has seen great cruelty and hardship in its time, it has seen the illusion of power ands a laggard and blind, with this fact before us, Somaliland needs a leadership that is too wise to understand that the problems of today are sufficien its ignorant organizatio”n, the lessons of yesterday have been that illusion watly different and that the attempts to solve them require fresh thinking and remedies that even the most detailed events of the past will not provide, So what kind of leaders does Somaliland needs after great silaanyo? What qualities would we like to see in them? And can anybody be a leader? , leadership is a very tough assignment, it needs maturity and mentality. It needs vision and future mindedness, it needs integrity and audacity, it helps to have had on the job training, when president silaanyo comes to the power in 2010 succeed to form the kind of government the somalilanders wanted, he did better in developing Somaliland in many sectors what his predecessor was doing and did not take their path, he made the opportunities even brighter by forming a government that, he did devote all the government’s efforts to improving organizations, to enriching the quality and content of its work, to creating closer contact with the nation needs, so today question is who can led Somaliland after him? , my answer is. H.E. MUUSE BIHI ABDI the chairman of the ruling party KULMIYE.

He is concerned with the unity, peace and progress of the nation and will pursue to strengthen it until these pillars are hard edged. The KULMIYE party leadership used locally available expertise to draft long term strategy and plans to strengthen unity, peace and progress before the party takes over the power for the next term in the office. the focus will be among others free press, human rights, good governance, strengthening democratic institutions, judiciary system capacity or capability in exercising independent and impartial authority services, food self sufficiency, job creation, manufacturing of locally available raw materials, good quality education and delivery of good quality health services. H.E MUUSE BIHI beliefs in democracy where each and every citizen has the right to choose to have their own leader and political party and he is also of the view correspondingly the right to access free press and to say and write what they think but it should be in accordance with our existing law. He will preserve for citizens’ rights and will not take away any one of those rights from the people. They are also obliged to contribute ideas, enriching democratic institutions, rule of the law and governance. He has a vision to create jobs for jobless youths as potentialities exist in our economies. Earlier, job creation was not on the top of the agenda for most of the leaders seen and I hope that. H.E IRRO will change that approach and youth will get the attentions required. There is opportunity in our country for instance manufacturing for locally available raw materials, e.g. Cement, leather, milk and meat and much more. Had local business community been seized this opportunity, the sector would have employed more people. It would have more beneficial for the stakeholders in the sector.

Nation believe that H.E MUUSE BIHI well come up in advance with good leadership, determination, consistency, policies that will have an impact not only for the above mentioned but also ,for each and every sector in the government. Furthermore, The country at the this moment is not food self-sufficient, We rely entirely food imports and that is good, We should change this trend by pooling whatever handy both capital and human to attain food self-sufficiency and that could be possible if we bring more lands under cultivation, there is also a need a to enhance the existing crop yield which is very much lower than the standard and seek to diversify crops and raise animals using modern techniques with foreign markets. The other sectors, for instance health and education need more efforts. The forces that have propelled H.E MUUSE BIHI to the somaliland leadership are very real, and will change Somaliland politics in profound ways. The rank and future government members will be strong and together they can meet with any challenges ahead and there is no need to be scary about the future. I believe not only but the whole nation that H.E MUUSE BIHI is the next one who can keep Somaliland on the right directions, but the other candidates for the oppositions parties IRRO ,WARAABE wants Somaliland to go back to the civil wars and the dark ages.

By Khadar Ibrahim



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