Sultan Ahmed Cisman Cade Gude arrest


Sultan Ahmed Cisman Cade Gude arrest

In the last few months Somalilanders who opposed the current Muse Bihi Administration have experienced human rights abuses. The biggest protest took place last week in the streets of Hargeisa where opposition parties supporters have had life bullets fired at them. It is the first time this relatively safe country has experienced such abuses and violence from its administration.

Only a few days ago the burial took place of those young people killed during the protests.

Tonight a leading figure a sultan of the Garxajis tribe Sultan Ahmed Cisman Cade Gude has been arrested from his home. It has never happened in Somaliland history for the elders of tribes and clans to be arrested.

The current government of Muse Bihi has committed atrocities against protesters, arrested many opposing figures and tortured them whilst detained.


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